Come See Come Saw Tree Farm


OUT OF BUSINESS FOR THE 2015 SEASON     NEARLY OUT OF Live Christmas Trees! We appreciate all our loyal customers and friends we have gotten to know over our 20 years in the Christmas Tree business, we will miss seeing you this year. Please drop us a card or leave us a message at the farm phone number

Directions: OUT OF BUSINESS FOR 2015-2019 or until new crop of grandchildren and trees are raised. The News is That in spite of TVA and Georgia Power's killing spree, we planted a new large crop of WHITE PINES that will be ready for the 2020 Christmas season AND we already have 4 Grandchildren and expect more!!!

Usual Hours:     CLOSED SUNDAYS WE WILL BE AVAILABLE 11/27 all day AND 11/28 until 2PM or Call and leave a message and we can make an appointment.

                                 WE WILL SELL FOR $30 EACH
                                    CALL FOR APPOINTMENT

A Little Bit about our Farm.....
Bosshardt Family Farm began about 20 years ago as a home school project with the 6 Bosshardt children. They planted the trees and learned about the care and upkeep of Virginia Pines, in particular. As the years passed, the project expanded into a small business which taught the children the valuable skills of growing, pruning, protecting, perfecting, marketing, and selling. The children have grown up and are pursuing many different callings. We had nearly all of our crop lost to Right of Way SPRAYING by either TVA or GEORGIA POWER. We did not replant trees three and four years ago anticipating our time of involvement in the farm would have to eventually cease because of inability to amass all the labor needed to run it. We had to bring in cut firs from our sister farm in NC last year to give enough selection for our customers. IT HAS BEEN FUN serving you all these years and working together as a family. We hope you find your perfect tree and remember the memories we shared here on the farm.

Bosshardt Family Farm is located on the outskirts of a small historical town, Chickamauga, GA, only 7 miles from Chattanooga. The rustic, rural setting is perfect for those who wanted to get away from the city rush, climb rolling hills, and search through the hundreds of Christmas trees for the "perfect one" to take home and decorate.

The Bosshardts have enjoyed meeting each and every customer that visits the farm, and especially enjoy catching up with families that return year after year. WE WILL MISS YOU.

1713 North Long Hollow Rd.
Chickamauga, GA. 30707
Phone: 706-861-5672